About Us

Where does the wood come from?

Angel Oak. This tree is in downtown Jacksonville, FL

I hate to buy lumber from the box stores. 95% of the wood I use comes from downed trees or rough sawn from the lumber yard. I have milled lumber myself & hired a professional to mill lumber onsite. I look on craigslist a lot for people that have trees come down and need the wood gone. Because I take the time to do this I am able to use wood that you can't buy. Species of trees that just can't be found, other than at specialty lumber mills. 

What does that mean to you - You will be getting a truly one of a kind piece of wooden artwork. Most of the time there is a story to go along with the piece that I make. Whether it be where the wood came from, how I came to acquire it, or the special circumstances under which the tree came down. 

Once I get the logs home I rough cut them with a chainsaw into usable sections and wait for them to dry.  I also get rough lumber from local sawmills and exotic lumber from local woodworking stores and ebay, as well as a special supplier that I visit a couple times a year in Massachusetts. 


Patterns, Plans, & Designs

​While I do purchase plans from various sources most of the items I make are one of a kind. Some of the items I make are simply "on the fly", I get an idea in my head and run with it. A lot of times, specifically turned projects on the lathe, I let the wood decide its final form. What I mean by that is - while turning a piece of lumber there may be areas of the wood that need to be accentuated or removed based on the general idea I started with, which will impact the final shape of the piece.

Custom Work

When I do a custom build I sit down with the customer, listen to their needs and design a project based on that description, bringing their vision to life. I offer my opinions and suggestions to make sure that they get everything and more out of whatever I may be building. The whole process is fun and exciting, for both of us.

This was loaded with a machine, couldn't get it out of the truck


I'm always on the lookout for a nice piece of wood. Regardless of where it may come from. My general rule is-the worse it looks on the outside, the better it'll look on the inside.

Beech Lumber from Apex, NC


Here is an example of a great craigslist find. I had never worked with beech before getting these logs, I was excited to see how pretty the color and grain patterns were.

My customers love my work and you will too

Built in storage center


"It really does look great and the price was more than fair, Thanks"

"it looks great and like it was built right into the house."

Sentimental Family Tree Made into a Platter


"you did a FABULOUS job on all the items you made for us! So thankful to the Ladies of Fuquay Varina for recommending you!"

Rustic Side Table


"another furniture piece i had made from Keith's Woodwork, Love it!"

Barn Door Style TV stand


"loving my new custom cabinet made by Keith's Woodwork, it's gorgeous"

Built it Cabinet


"thank you so much, I love it!"

Blanket Chest


I actually made two of these blanket chests as a gifts for a customers kids (adult kids).

"very happy family thank you"