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On-Site Lumber Milling

Portable bandsaw mill

Did you have a tree come down in your yard?

I may be able to help. Contact me and find out if I can have the tree milled for you or make you something from your tree. I am always looking for good sources of lumber.

Looking for a special gift?

hard to shop for, personal gift, custom made, handmade

These days it seems like finding the right gift for people is harder and harder. A handmade item is a thoughtful and heart felt way to say you care. I have many items on hand that will bring a smile to your loved ones face every time they see it.

Where to find me


I have a strong relationship with the good folks at Rescued Wood Rehab in Fuquay Varina, NC.  All of my current work is for sale in the store. If you're looking for something custom stop in.

Wanna see how I work?

Keith's woodwork Youtube

I regularly post videos on YouTube, you should check it out!

Watch project videos and learn woodworking in a fun and light-hearted format. Ask questions and get a response.

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keith's woodwork Facebook

I find facebook to be the easiest and fastest way to share and interact with customers. Make sure you like and follow me to see whats going on in the shop!



 In this section I have a few downloadable documents, like how to care for your wood cutting board. As well as some places and publications that I have been featured in.

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